Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year 2017 - One of my photo in „Landscape Commendations” category.

NPhoto  - Featured in December 2016 (issue N°66/16) – one photo inside of the magazine in the „Highly commended, Classic view”.

Landscape Photographer of The Year 2016 - I am pleased to tell you that I won a place in the Awards book with my 2 photos.

The Photographer’s Guide to Scotland – Skye, Glen coe and the Trossachs -  Featured in February 2016 – online

Foto-Kurier (Poland) - Featured in May 2014 in in „Oko Leonarda” section.

Dolnośląski Magazyn Fotograficzny (Poland) - Featured in September 2013 – 10 pages plus interview inside online photography magazine.

Camerapixo - Featured in September 2013 -One photo inside online photography magazine

Scottish Nature Photography Awards – I am pleased to tell you that I won a place in the Awards book 2012 (September 2013)

Photography Masterclass Magazine - Featured in September 2013 (issue N°10/2013) - one photo inside online photography magazine.

NPhoto Deutschland - Featured in August 2013 (issue N°05/13) – one photo inside of the magazine in the „Hot Shots” section.

7 Tutorials (Help & How to for Windows) - featured  in June 2013 as a „Uncovering Artists”.

Landscape & Wildlife Photography Magazine - Featured in February 2013 (Issue 24) with my picture on the cover.

 Digital Camera (UK) -  Featured in February 2013 (Issue 134) in the „Hot Shots” section.

 Digital Camera (Polska) - Featured in October 2012 (issue 10) in the „Hot Shots” section.

 „Throw The Sun Into The Sea” -Featured in April 2012. Second cover artwork for Rob Johnson’s Music.

 Camerapixo - Featured in April 2012 (issue N°18) 16 pages of my photography work inside online photography magazine

 NPhoto - Featured in January 2012 (issue N°03) – one photo inside of the magazine.

 Photography Monthly - Featured in issue December 2011 in Readers Gallery as Image of the Month and Editor’s Choice

 3e millénaire (France) - Fatured in October 2011 (issue N°101) – 4 photos inside of the magazine.

 Landscape Photographer of The Year 2011 - I am pleased to tell you that I won a place in the Awards book and at the National Theatre exhibition.

 Practical Photography - Featured in October 2011 in the „Inspiration: reader gallery” section.

FotoVideo (Czech Republic) - Featured in June 2011 as a photographer of the month, 6 pages inside of the magazine.

Digital Camera (Poland) - Featured in May 2011 (issue 05) in the „Hot Shots” section.

„Upon A Painted Ocean” - Front Cover of a Single and CD of Johnson’s Music.

Photo of the Week - Calumet Photographic featured 25/03/2011

Digital Camera - Featured in July 2009 (issue 87) in the „Hot Shots” section.

Digital Camera - Featured in December2008 (Issue 80) in the „Hot Shots” section in UK and USA.

Digital Camera - Featured in August 2009 (Issue 88) in the „Hot Shots” section.

Digital Camera – Featured in January 2008 (issue 68) the „Hot Shots” section.

AmateurPhotographer - Featured in October 2010 in the „Reader Highlight” section.

Practical Photography - Featured in August 2009 in the „Technique” section.

Digital Photo - Featured in October 2009 in the „Your Pictures”  section.

Salisbury Life - Featured in August 2009, in the „Diary of Events” section.

Salisbury Journal - My first ever publications February 2007 (since then 5 times)  in „Readers View” section.