What people have said:

I have had the pleasure of working with Seb for just over 5 years now. He has contributed all the photography and the covers to my last two albums ‚Upon a Painted Ocean’ and ‚Throw The Sun Into The Sea’. We have already had discussions about the next record. I find that Seb’s work instantly encapsulates everything I am trying to communicate with my music. Each time I have needed a cover image we have settled on a photograph that is unique, iconic and instantly memorable. And I think this is representative of Seb’s work in general. Whenever I look through the latest images he has captured I am never less than stunned at the scope of the visuals he is able to capture and create. I feel immensely lucky to have had the pleasure to work with Seb and we have enjoyed a creative collaboration together for the last five years. I feel that his photographs complement my music perfectly. It’s my aim to make music that will take the listener on a journey, and this is aided immeasurably with the help of Seb’s photos. – Rob Johnson  http://robjohnsonmusic.com/


Received my BIG print today from Sebastian, looks good! :-)  Sebastian’s pics of Kilchurn Castle. A1 is pretty big, not sure I’ll be able to consider printing anything smaller from now on!  - Andrew Pye  https://www.facebook.com/andrewjamespye


Landscape photography was almost unknown to me. I spent two days on workshops with Sebastian and I got so much experience. As a result of the tuition I felt I have improved my abilities, and feel more confident in what I am trying to achieve. Sebastian takes the time to ensure you get the most out of the workshops. Can’t wait for the next time!  - Tomasz „BoRo” Borczyk  http://borosan.blogspot.co.uk/


Thank you Sebastian for the couple of hours this evening on skype session. I appreciate your willingness to spend extra time with me. - Justin Krug  http://hikester.deviantart.com/gallery/