Escape from the routine and indulge your passion for photography in Scotland!

Capture the soul of a Landscape.

A photography workshop is suitable for photographers at intermediate level in each age group.
All you need to have is your own camera and acourage to experience a wonderful adventure
and be ready for a  improvement in your photographe skills directed by a professional

On the training course you will acquire new skills in a field of landscape photography.
You will learn basic techniques for landscapes as well as framing and appropriate usage of ND filters.

During the workshop I will talk composition, light, depth of field or perspective that have fundamental meaning for your landscape photos over. All important and useful accessoris will also be presented. Furthermore, most common mistakes will be analysed and I will help you to avoid them.
Moreover, I will show you how to use a computer program to make up your photos that look
really professional.

If you are a big fan of photography and you are willing to master your skills, this workshop will
help you to fulfill your dreams about taking beautiful landscapes photos.
Tutorial as well as practical training may change you from an amateur into a professional.

All figures are tuition fees only, so please telephone or email to discuss location, travel expenses
and individual / group requirements.

July-August 2014 sales:

One-on-One £100 
Two Participants £70 each 
Three Participants £60 each 

What’s included:

• Transportation between shooting locations (or free transport from Edinburgh and surroundings)
• Packed Lunch

Equipment needed

• Film or Digital SLR camera, tripod, Neutral density graduated filters

Fitness level:

  • Easy grading, but you should be comfortable trekking with your backpack and tripod over uneven, boggy ground.
  • More questions?
  • Please feel free to e-mail me on:


Photo Processing Course via Skype!

These 1-on-1 masterclasses are carried online over Skype,  is a freemium voice-over service and instant messaging.

Here are some subject than we will discuss:

RAW Post Processing – White Balance; Straightening horizons; contrast and saturation
Photoshop Post Processing (for beginner) – dust spot removal; layers, curves; saturation; contrast; web sharpenning; manual blending of exposures.

Pricing is £20 per hour bookable from 1 to 4 hours. Payment is due before the tutorial begins.

Skype can be downloaded and installed here: [link]

In case of any personal requests, do not hesitate to contact me via E-mail:


*- weekend’s only.